Brugman Instructions


Login procedure

To use the selection software you must have a password and username authorised by BRUGMAN Radiatoren. If you do not yet have a username and password you can request this online. If you already have a password, after typing it in you can start the software and click to continue.

Project description

The first input screen you see is the project description. Your customer name appears automatically at the top. First type in the name of the project and the designer. The project description starts with:

  1. the selection of the number of rooms
  2. the standard used, NBN236 or EN442
  3. the thermal unit required, namely Watt, kcal/h or btu/h

The selections made here apply for the whole project. After selecting 'further', a control screen follows, with the back button you can easily change the data.

Select room

You then come to the first room for which you can enter its own name. You also make the choices here for:

  1. heat output required (based on the previously selected thermal unit).
  2. number of radiators required in the room.
  3. the supply temperature.
  4. the return temperature.
  5. the temperature required in the room, local temperature.

Radiator conditions / selection

After determining the room and the temperatures required, you start by indicating the variables for the first radiator in room

  1. the first selection consists of the Radiator Sort, namely: the standard, compact, universal compact, piano compact and the piano-universal compact.
  2. the second selection is the Radiator Type, namely: 10 and/or 11 and/or 20 and/or 20s and/or 21 and/or 21s and/or 22 and/or 33. Only the checked types are selected.
  3. you can indicate wether you only want a selection of radiators that are available from stock, or in combination with radiators that are only available with a delivery time.
  4. you can enter then the minimum, maximum height and length.
  5. how much capicity must radiator 1 supply as a percentage, with respect to the other radiators in the same room.
  6. correction percentage for the non-standard layout
  7. procentage selection range based on the capacity indicated.


The selection of the radiator is confirmed again after clicking ?further?. On the next confirmation screen you see at the top right the linked text ?summary?. If you click on this you can see at a glance the choices you have made. If at the beginning you chose several rooms, you can finally repeat steps 3 and 4 for all the rooms to ultimately get a total view of your project.